What to expect in a yoga class


Many people are put off from trying yoga because they do not perceive themselves as 'flexible' enough. The truth is that few yoga practitioners start out being flexible - they become flexible by practicing yoga. 

In a yoga class you will be asked to breathe with awareness and you will be led through a series of movements that are synchronised with your conscious breathing. 

You will be encouraged to approach your body with compassion and optimism and to try new movements and poses, observing how these movements make you feel. The idea is that the teacher can create and hold a space for you to find your own teacher and to listen to your body and requirements on any particular day. You are in the driving seat of your yoga practice. If something doesn't feel good - you will not be made to do it. 

Avoid eating anything heavy for an hour or two before a yoga class and wear something in which you are comfortable and can move freely.