London based Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist.

My classes encourage students to listen to, and work sensitively with their own bodies and nature. By cultivating awareness of how the practice affects the body, mind and spirit – students create a process of self-enquiry, allowing them to reconnect with their own inner teacher. My aim is to create an environment in which students are empowered and inspired to find their own expressions of yoga.

I teach Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Restorative, Meditation and Hatha Yoga and unique & varied combinations of the all of the above. I also teach therapeutic workshops and classes to target specific issues, like Yoga for Stress & Anxiety.

I have trained with many brilliant teachers - including Ashleigh Sergeant, Norman Blair, Mimi Kuo Deemer, Lisa Kaley-Isley to name just a few.

l’m also a registered Yoga Therapist with CNHC, having completed my Yoga Therapy Diploma with Yogacampus. Yoga Therapy involves tailored yoga practices offered in private sessions to help individuals heal on all levels - physical, mental or emotional. Read more about it here.

First and foremost a student myself, I am driven to share what I have learned so far with anyone who is curious. Yoga is for everyone, all abilities, bodies and levels of experience.