OPEN YOGA - THE BASICS: Drishti 'Gaze points'

OPEN YOGA - THE BASICS: Drishti 'Gaze points'



Wednesday 15th July @6:45-8:00pm

During this class we will explore the roll of ‘drishti’ - gaze points – during yoga practice. For each yoga posture there is a prescribed gaze point – often it is a place on our body (hand, thumbs, tip of the nose, between the eye brows…to name a few). They can be thought of as external gaze points used to cultivate internal awareness. 

“Drishti is a point of gaze or focus, yet it has little to do with our physical sight. The real ‘looking’ is directed internally. We may fix our physical sight upon an external object or specific point on our body, yet truly the drishti is meant to direct our attention to the subtle aspects of our practice…Those of us with sight are easily distracted by our surroundings. Other students in the room, a clock on the wall, or myriad other forms may pull us away from the immediate concerns of practicing yoga with awareness. The drishti is a device designed to balance our internal and external practice.”

David Swenson, Ashtanga Yoga – The Practice Manual 

Access to Studio: When you reach 40 Gower's Walk (the building is called Chandlery House) dial 8 at the gate, and we will buzz you in. When you walk through the gate you will reach a concierge building with another buzzer. Ring 8 again and we will buzz you in a second time. Enter the concierge building, walk towards the concierge desk, turn left, walk through the door to the court yard and turn right. Unit 8 is on your left, ground floor.

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