Claire, Yoga Therapy Client, London

"I have suffered with IBS and digestive issues for the best part of 10 years; I’ve been prescribed numerous medications to manage the symptoms and pain, but to no avail. For the last few years, I’ve been trying to manage my IBS with my diet – I find that being restrictive on certain ‘trigger’ foods such as Bread or Pasta doesn’t really help me, I still suffer with bloating and stomach pains (sometimes which are excruciating).

Molly taught me the importance of breath in nourishing and calming the body through a sequence of gentle movement and breath. This was something that felt a bit alien to me at first, however when I took this away as home practice I noticed how slowing my breathing and pouring breath into the lower belly actually had a de-bloating effect!

As an active person I don’t really give myself any time for rest. The therapy overall has helped me to realise that I am allowed to slow down; to trust my body and senses, and to practice for as long or as little as necessary to reap the benefits.

The goals of the therapy were to feel less full in my belly, as well as reduce discomfort. I found that after the first session alone I was able to alleviate bloating with slow, deep low belly breathing. I now have go-to poses to help on days where I am feeling full, and on days where I’m feeling delicate."