What to expect in a therapy session

You will be asked to fill out and submit this health form in advance of the session. You may be required to seek consent from your doctor to attend the session, depending on what you are working with.

The sessions take place 121 and we will spend some time discussing your wellbeing, the contents of your form and determining some clear goals for the session. I will have a look at how you stand, move and breathe. We will explore some practices together and see what you find helpful - it is a joint exploration and I will look for your feedback on the impacts of the practices throughout the session. Then I will guide you into a rest pose while I prepare your notes. (often I will also record elements of the session) so that you can leave with notes and a recording to support your home practice. Your home practice will be agreed by us but it might be anything from 10 minutes a day, x3 times a week or 30 minutes a day x5 times a week. We will find a practice that works for you and your life. 

We will then discuss whether a further session is necessary and if so we will schedule it in.

In subsequent sessions we will review how you are and the practice from the previous session and see if it is working for you and then we will adapt it accordingly. 

Therapeutic practices might include gentle postures, breathing, meditation, chanting or relaxation all geared towards helping you find your optimal wellbeing, in body and mind. 

If yoga therapy sounds right for you, contact me.